Faculty Development Day

Faculty Development Day 2012

  Teaching with Technology Unconference Texting, Podcasts, Facebook, clickers, Moodle, iPads, webinars and blogs…. Technology impacts our teaching, and student learning, in so many ways. In this portion of Faculty Development Day, you set the agenda to explore how technology can be implemented in your class/lab to improve student learning. Perhaps you want to explore […]

Digital Public Discourse

Is digital discourse different? Should our writing instruction include preparation for writing publicly online? Could digital discourse help students grasp the rhetorical concepts of purpose, audience, argument, evidence, and the acknowledgement of sources in a more tangible way than more traditional writing assignments?  Are there privacy concerns when encouraging students to create and interact with […]

Synchronous & Non-synchronous Class Discussion With Tools & Technology

In a way, this issue overlaps with Kyle’s post on tablets and Barara’s post on RSS feeds, hashtags and course content, but I’m interested in how to use technology to help facilitate both synchronous in-class and asynchronous outside-classroom discussion. Partly I am inspired by this Profhacker post about the various tools or strategies you can […]

Digital Humanities

Do you have an interest in digital humanities? What’s going on in your discipline that seems particularly interesting? How do you see digital humanities developing at a liberal arts college with limited technology resources and a teaching emphasis? What role should it (could it) play in our curriculum? Are their contributions liberal arts college faculty […]

Refresh: Using Technology to Update Course Content

One of the things we hope to instill in students is the inclination to be lifelong learners, comfortable with the fact that knowledge is never finished, prepared to confront new information and make sense of it. Yet students often resist the ambiguity of unfinished knowledge and are more comfortable knowing what to read rather than […]

Tablet Computing

The 2012 Horizon Report for Higher Education indicates that Tablet Computing is no longer on the “horizon” but here. During Faculty Development Day, we could have a session that explores creative and interesting uses of tablets and their apps for teaching and learning. The Horizon Report highlights a few possibilities (see page 15 for specific examples). […]

“Flipping your classroom”: Potential Topic for Teaching with Technology

“Flipped classrooms” have been gaining popularity in K-12 classrooms and some higher education institutions have begun to explore this pedagogical approach. Technology is necessity, regardless of the grade level and domain. “Lectures”, provided through online video instruction and/or DVD, are viewed by students at home (in place of traditional homework). Class time is dedicated to […]