Faculty Development Day 2012

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Teaching with Technology Unconference

Texting, Podcasts, Facebook, clickers, Moodle, iPads, webinars and blogs…. Technology impacts our teaching, and student learning, in so many ways.

In this portion of Faculty Development Day, you set the agenda to explore how technology can be implemented in your class/lab to improve student learning. Perhaps you want to explore how technology could be used to facilitate a class activity or teaching task. Alternatively, you might interested in having your students participate in ‘after hours’ online discussions, submit and peer-review assignments online, or video conference with a scholar.

Inspired by THATCamp unconferences, our unconference sessions are intended to provide venues for faculty-generated initiatives that are responsive to practical interests and shared solutions. You will define the agenda and collaborate to create, develop, modify and solve problems related to the use(s) of technology to improve student learning. To learn more about unconferences, see http://thatcamp.org/about/.

To post an idea:

  1. Go to the secure WordPress site: http://facdevday.blog.gustavus.edu/wp-login.php
  2. Log in using your Gustavus name and password
  3. Go to Posts > Add New from the blue sidebar.
  4. Give the idea a title (e.g. podcasts or inverted classroom), type in the content of your idea, then select the blue “Publish” button to post your idea.


To comment on an idea that has already been posted:

  1. Go to the site: http://facdevday.blog.gustavus.edu/
  2. Click on the blue title for the relevant posting
  3. Type your comment
  4. Type in your full name and Gustavus email address
  5. Select the “Submit Posting” button

Sessions will run concurrently with workshops (i.e., one at 9:15 am and another at 10:45 am). Based on the blog discussion, session topics and locations will be announced Tuesday, August 28.


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